Secrets of Dog Food


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Every recipe is new & has calorie breakdown PLUS feeding guidance for toy to extra large dogs
Value: $57.00
4th Edition Just Released!
Over 50,000 copies sold
Changeover Guide
Simple 4-step plan with recipes for
upgrading your dog's diets safely

Value: $27.00
Canine Diet Changeover Guide
How to change your dog's diet safely

23-treats-small.jpg dfs - 23 treats b picture by SecretDogConspiracy
23 treat recipes with calorie breakdown
for training or just "snack-time"

Value: $23.00
23 Healthy & Delicious Doggy Treat 'Hand-Picked' Recipes
2nd Edition
Healthy treats & rewards
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Value: Peace-of-Mind
60-day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Free Lifetime Updates!
Gold Only
Value: $127
FREE Life Time Updates to New Editions of Dog Food SECRETS (now in its 4th Edition), forever.
 Your dog can be even happier & healthier by using the new tips & strategies we publish in each new edition
Confidential Dog Food Report
None of these brands were recalled
during the dog food crisis of 2007!
Gold Only
Value: $150.00
The Confidential Dog Food Report: "The 9 Very Best, Ultra-Healthy, Dog Food Brands in all of North America"
2nd Edition Just Released!
 Finally! Feed your dog commercial food GUILT-FREE
Discover if your current brand is on the list
See what ingredients the best brands use

Homemade Supplements
Many supplements still have dangerous additives,
but not if you make it yourself (and you save $$)
Gold Only
Value: $37.00
Homemade Canine Supplements
 Super-charge your dog's health!
Shinier coat, stronger bones, better teeth!
Better joints, stronger muscles, more energy!
SAVE $$ on commercial supplements
Dosage & frequency advice included!
Includes detox recipe!

Pack Your Puppy With Power
Specifically designed recipes for all
5 stages of puppy developement
Gold Only
Value: $47.00
Pack Your Puppy With Power
 No more mystery about what to feed your puppy
Know what to do for all 5 stages of puppy feeding
Be confident you can manage your puppy's requirements from 0 weeks to 10 months

Special Needs
An EDO is prepared before their dog has a Special Need, they don't 'scramble' to get answers after the fact
Gold Only 
Value: $37.00
Recipes for Dogs With Special Needs
 Have recipes on hand for all 13 of the MOST common dog special needs scenarios your dog may face
Be prepared for heart disease, anemia, cancer & diabetes
Be prepared for arthritis, allergies & aggression
Be prepared for stomach upsets, kidney problems & weight problems
Help your dog with pregnancy, breast feeding & milk replacement

A way to treat your dog's ailments naturally
WITHOUT resorting to artificial chemicals
Gold Only
Value: $37.00
Homemade All-Natural Remedies For The Unwell Wolf
 Easily heal your dog naturally & cheaply at home
Cure your dog's ticks & fleas, upset tummy and diarrea
Heal your dog's ringworm, gingivitis & skin infections
Eradicate your dog's mange, joint pain and swimmers ear
Help your best frind get over a cough, travel sickness & skunk attack

Homemade Happiness
180 dog recipes of all types
submitted by dog owners like you
Gold Only
Value: $37.00
Homemade Happiness For The Hungry Hound
Fast-action bonus as seen above

all-natural-shampoo-new-small.jpg dfs - Homemade Shampoo small new picture by SecretDogConspiracy
All-natural soaps & shampoos giving your dog a beautiful coat & unique wonderful fragrance
Value: $17.00
Homemade All-Natural Soaps & Shampoos For The Dirty Dog
 Have fun making your own doggy soaps and shampoos
Enjoy a nice smelling, happy dog

Gold Package Summary:
  • FREE Lifetime Updates to Dog Food SECRETS - $127.00 value (Gold Only)
  • The Confidential Dog Food Report - $150.00 value (Gold Only)
  • Homemade Canine Supplement Guide - $37.00 value (Gold Only)
  • Pack your Puppy With Power - $47.00 value (Gold Only)
  • Recipes for Dogs with Special Needs - $37.00 value(Gold Only)
  • Homemade All-Natural Remedies for the Unwell Wolf - $37.00 value (Gold Only)
  • Homemade Happiness for the Hungry Hound - $37.00 value (Gold Only)
  • Homemade All-Natural Shampoo & Soap Recipes For the Dirty Dog - $17.00 value
  • 23 Healthy & Delicious Doggy Treat 'Hand-Picked' Recipes - $23.00 value
  • Canine Diet Changeover Guide - $27.00 value
  • Dog Food SECRETS™ - $57.00 value
  • Total value $596.00

Retail Price $147.00 Sale Price $47
Dog Food SECRETS Gold Pack Special Price


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